Bringing sexy back

You’ll be swept away by local fashion label Stolen’s signature backless creations

By Cheryl Chia

Seven years ago, the creator of ladies wear Stolen started the label as a pet project while she spearheaded her team as Creative Group Head in advertising firm Ogilvy & Mather.


Since then, Elyn Wong has struck out on her own to concentrate on fashion and to inject her sense of sexy into her backless sartorial creations with her own label.

Creative Juices

“I felt that I needed an outlet to fuel my creativity. I first started designing for myself and I’ve always had a preference for backless details. It is edgy but yet not overtly sexy,” Elyn explains.

She adds, “The label grew quickly, so I quit [my job] in 2012 to concentrate fully on Stolen.”


Backless dresses transition from day to night easily. You can achieve this by throwing on a simple jacket.

As to why Elyn mainly focuses on a backless style, she says, “Every woman wants to feel sexy, but not everyone likes a plunging neckline.”

Up & Coming

Stolen has since taken part in fashion weeks in Paris, Fashion Coterie in New York, and even been involved in art installations, resulting in an avant-garde merge of Stolen’s sensibilities and installation art.

Elyn is also currently working on a series of bralets as well as non-backless pieces for her upcoming collections.

For women who wonder about the right kind of bra to wear with a backless dress, Elyn advises either silicon bras, a nice bra with a simple back or a bikini top.

“No beige or transparent straps, please!” she emphasies.

A Real Steal

Her art inspiration strongly shows in her Resort 2012 line that features softness and fluidity juxtaposed against strong structural shapes, with hard clean lines that dramatically give way to reveal the soft back of a woman.

The prices of the pieces range from $149 for a top to $329 for a dress. Stolen’s online store will be launched in the next few months and is currently stocked in places such as The Black Market, W Hotel Singapore and TwentyTwenty9. She also has stockists in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Malaysia.

So far, Stolen is proving popular among working women in their 30s.

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