Check Out Alice-Inspired Designs By These Local Brands

Two Singapore brands are collaborating with Disney to design Alice Through the Looking Glass-inspired items

By Pamela Chow

Alice Carrie K 2

Photo: Carrie K

In conjunction with the release of Disney’s Alice through the Looking Glass in Singapore 6 Jul, Singapore brands Carrie K by Carolyn and Rêvasseur by Gilda Su will bring bespoke Alice-inspired artisan jewelry and a pre-fall fashion collection respectively to fans.

Photos: Carrie K

Carrie K offers two capsule collections, “Key Hole” and “Time”. The first is inspired by the shape of the key hole, but it can only be recognised at particular perspectives. Pieces in the second collection focus on the principal character Time from the movie, featuring gears as the focal visual icon.

The collection will be sold at the Carrie K Atelier, Takashimaya, TANGS, and online at from 2 Jul.

Photo: Rêvasseur / Facebook

Known for its exaggerated and surrealist styles, Rêvasseur will roll out a “Curioser and Curioser” collection featuring 16 novelty outfits specially crafted around the movie themes of Alice’s adventures and Time. The brand will also be showcasing several custom prints with the characters from the Disney franchise. Here’s a sneak peek at one of the patterns:

The collection will be sold at Takashimaya and Superspace in Orchard Gateway.

Both collections will be showcased at a fashion runway event at the Shaw Lido foyer at 3pm on 2 Jul. Fans can also catch a glimpse of Alice-inspired products from international brands Irregular Choice, OPI and Urban Decay at the event, including shoes, manicure and make up.


Fans can get live updates of the fashion show at