Rebirth your skin

Revitalise and exfoliate your skin with these gentle and non-invasive peels — our beauty writer Samantha Francis shares her experience

If the thought of exfoliation conjures images of your poor skin being vigorously scrubbed by a cleanser with micro beads, think again. These days, shedding your dull skin to reveal a glowing façade is no longer such a chore.

With non-invasive lasers, gentle peels and overnight masks, you can attain a revitalised complexion without much trouble.


South Bridge Aesthetics Clinic’s Carbon Laser Peel


For softer and brighter skin, try South Bridge Aesthetics Clinic’s popular Carbon Laser Peel. This non-invasive treatment is said to enhance the skin’s radiance and promote a smooth, glowing complexion. All the better for your makeup to glide on.

As a newbie to laser treatments, I had some apprehension about the process. Thankfully, it was as simple as removing my makeup, having a thin layer of carbon solution applied to my face, before the lasers started to zap.

The entire process took about 10-15 minutes and it felt like tiny bursts of bearable concentrated heat on my skin; almost like mini fireworks going off. Don’t be alarmed if you smell smoke, it’s only the carbon being burned off.

Unlike traditional facial extractions, this left my skin with little to no redness and, immediately after, I noticed that my pores were slightly reduced.

South Bridge Aesthetics’ Carbon Laser Peel is priced at $120 per session, or $850 for 10 sessions.


Philosophy Microdelivery Overnight Anti-Ageing Peel


A two-step, leave-on anti-ageing peel ($129), this one micro-exfoliates your skin, allowing it to receive the restoring benefits of the youth-extending gel. It also doubles as an overnight mask to deeply hydrate and nourish the skin.

Available at Sephora and Philosophy stores.


#136_shop_Invisible-Peeling-BoosterCNP Laboratory’s Invisible Peeling Booster


As a gentle peeling product that requires no rinsing or washing after, CNP Laboratory’s Invisible Peeling Booster ($48.90) won us over with its convenience of use. The peeling booster aims to boost dead skin cell removal, refine skin tone and provide long-lasting hydration.

After a week of nightly use, I found my skin smoother with less bumps. Follow-on skincare, like toner, also seemed to be absorbed better.

Available at Guardian Health & Beauty Stores and the CNP website.