Life-Changing Korean Beauty Tips We Learnt From “Get It Beauty”

Watch “Get It Beauty” for the latest Korean beauty trends and life-changing tips

By Nicole-Marie Ng

Can’t get enough of Korean beauty? You have to check out “Get It Beauty”. The hit beauty variety show brings you the latest makeup and skincare trends from Korea.


Hosted by actresses Kim Jung Min, Hanui (Honey) Lee, magazine editor Hwang Min Young and new host, Luna, from K-pop group f(x), the show provides insight into Korea’s fast-paced beauty industry.

Korean celebrity makeup artists also give professional advice on how to deal with common beauty woes, review new products, and predict the biggest beauty trends of 2016.

K-pop stars and K-drama actresses regularly appear on the show as well, sharing beauty tips and their personal daily beauty regimens. We’ve learnt a lot from the show but here are X of the most life-changing tips that we’ve seen so far.



Yoon Seung-A’s 2-step beauty regime

Compared to other Korean celebrities who have eight to 10 steps in their skincare routine, Yoon Seung-A keeps it simple with a two-step beauty regime.

Her first step is to cleanse with a mild yet hydrating cleanser that won’t strip the skin of moisture. This is followed by immediately applying facial cream to lock in moisture. She recommends massaging the cream onto the face in an upward and outward motion for an instant facelift.


How to get Sandara Park’s glowy skin

You might have tried various cushion foundations but have you ever tried using two different types of cc cushions to achieve flawless skin?

Sandara’s secret is to apply a base before adding a different foundation to her t-zone to help brighten the high points of her face.


Sohn Su-Hyun’s hair care tips

To avoid frizzy hair, Su-Hyun makes sure to dry her hair using moderate heat instead of high heat. She does the same when using hot tools to style her hair.

She also shows how she twists her hair to get a bouncy curl.


Soyou’s diet advice

Soyou’s tips are not only useful, she’s also a funny and engaging speaker that manages to impart her diet tips in an easy to follow way. My favourite tip is to forget what number the scale says and stick to an exercise and diet plan that works for you.


Catch “Get It Beauty” on Viu with English and Chinese subtitles 24 hours after the Korean broadcast. The May 12 episode will feature popular Korean celebrity, Suzy (Miss A), as the celebrity guest.


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