Have You Tried These 5 Colour-Changing Lippies Yet?

All you need is one lipstick for unlimited shades of fun

By Lynn Yang

Just like the nostalgic ’90s mood rings that change colours based on one’s body temperature, these five lip products morph into various shades depending on your lips’ pH value.

So surprise, surprise! You won’t know the exact shade that will appear on your lips as each application is different.

After trying these lip products, I am sold. Besides the alluring ‘wildcard’ factor, their ability to change colours will also save me unnecessary trips down the beauty hall to purchase new lipsticks.

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Lipstick Queen Frog Prince $38

Photo: Lipstick Queen/ Escentials TANGS at Tangs Plaza


1. Lipstick Queen Frog Prince Lipstick

Worry not about walking away with green lips when you lock lips with this Frog Prince Lipstick ($38). Once applied, it immediately adapts to your lip’s pH levels, creating a romantic rosebud hue with a lustrous, high-shine finish.

Containing natural oils, shea butter and maxi-lip — a natural peptide that stimulates collagen and hyaluronic acid, the lipstick will make true your dreams of perfect pink puckers.

Available at Tangs.

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