Anti-Acne Skincare Routine Fundementals

A basic 5-step routine to get rid of acne

By Nicole-Marie Ng; Cover Image: Shutterstock

Growing up, I used to have easy-to-care-for, acne free skin. I rarely had pimples, let alone full-blown acne breakouts.

But, everything changed when I hit my 20s. I would get red, angry pustules on my cheek and I couldn’t figure out why. I hadn’t changed my simple 2-step cleanse and moisturise skincare routine in years, so why was my skin only acting out now?

Through a lot of trial and error, I experimented with different products to try and attain the skin I used to have in my youth. I still get an occasional pimple, but my skin now is calmer and smoother. These products are what I use and hopefully, it will help some of you out too.

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Image: Courtesy of Orbis

1. Cleanse

For cleansing, I find that gentle foaming cleanser works best as it doesn’t strip the skin of moisture. Creating a clean canvas is essential to clean out pores and prevent dirt and oil from building up.

Gently massage your cleanser on damp skin for at least one minute before rinsing it off.

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