10 Scented Candles To Still Keep You In The Holiday Mood

Scented Candle

We can always rely on the nose to keep Christmas spirits up

How does one keep the spirit of Christmas alive (or at least linger on)? Well, lighting a scented candle should do the trick! Through the sense of smell, the candle’s scent easily jolts the memories of roast dinners, family time and presents underneath the Christmas tree.

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1. Fornasettl L’Ape Thyme, Cedarwood and Lavender scented candle, US$160/300g

Decorated with Piero Fornasetti’s iconic ‘L’ape Sul Naso’ or ‘Bee on the nose’ artwork, this hand-poured candle makes an artful addition to every home and is filled with off-white ‘Otto’-scented vegetable wax. The spicy aroma is created by renowned perfumer Olivier Polge and is infused with rich notes of thyme, incense, cedarwood and lavender.

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