In His Shoes: 5 Questions With Newly-Appointed Singapore Skechers Ambassador Lee Teng

The talkative charmer is putting his best foot forward

While born in Taiwan, media personality Lee Teng has grown up under the relentless sunrays of Singapore at a tender age of nine. He has since risen through the ranks in the media industry as a triple threat of actor, host and radio DJ after catching the nation’s attention by coming in first runner-up in the 2006 talent show “Superhost”.

So what’s up with this long-legged Tawainese nowadays? When he’s not working his gift of the gap at dinner functions or large-scale events, Lee Teng can be found diligently performing duties as Singapore’s Skechers brand ambassador, where the most part of his role is perhaps just flaunting cool kicks from the footwear brand.

We managed to steal a moment with Lee Teng at the launch of the brand’s new concept store at Suntec City to pick his brain about this cool gig.


1. How do you dress yourself every day? 

Finding your own sense of style is actually learning from your own fashion mistakes. You’d need to make bolder choices in an attempt to know what suits you the best. In the past, fashion trends and the glitzy environment I was in had me convinced that I can pull off certain styles. However, that it is not the case! Therefore, while I’m still bold with my fashion choices, I know how to dress my own body the best.

2. In your opinion, what kind of style is most attractive on the opposite sex?

With a great personality to boot, I like it when girls wear a little revealing. And by little revealing, I mean selecting just one area that they can accentuate while leaving the rest to the imagination; for instance, the shoulders, waist or legs.  However, it is extremely important to have the confidence to strut your stuff. Confidence is the most attractive quality, I would say.

3. As Singapore’s Skechers ambassador, could you tell us a bit about the brand and why you think it suits you?

Honestly, I was elated when the brand approached me for this gig as I’ve been an ardent Skechers fan for the longest time. Actually, I am cursed with flat-footedness and my feet would usually ache after walking in any pair of generic shoes. But with the Skechers Memory Foam, it molds to the sole of your feet which makes long walks breezy and comfortable. And because I exercise often, I now don’t need to lug another pair of trainers with me as Skechers are already very stylish and go well with most of my outfits.

Skechers DLT-A Regular Slip-On, White-Black, $129

I like the Skechers DLT-A as I’m quite a lazy person and it comes without laces! Plus, it complements my style personality.

4. For the ladies, what type of Skechers would you recommend for them? 

Skechers DLT-A, Velcro Slip-On, Pink, $129

I have an affinity for ladies flaunting shades of pink. However, they don’t have to be pink from head to toe. Just a few accents are enough to turn heads, like slipping into Skechers DLT-A in Pink.

5. We all know Singapore’s only season is hot summer year-round. Therefore, our outfits are normally all the same to suit the weather. Do you have any fashion advice for those who want to stand out from the crowd?

There is a bit of misconception about Singapore. Although the weather is usually hot, you must take in account of the frosty air conditioning within buildings. Therefore, I suggest having a stylish outwear that you can easily take off and put on when you feel like it. This way, you can display a bit of unique style identity wherever you are.