Unusual yet creative places to propose in SG

Planning to propose but limited by locations in the little red dot? Weekender shares with you some creative places to go down on one knee and claim love as your own

The most romantic day in the year is fast arriving — Valentine’s Day — and you may want to profess your love for your partner, or even go the distance and propose on bended knee.

While not everyone may be able or want to have a proposal at the top of the Eiffel Tower, there are beautiful and meaningful places in Singapore to express a love so grand.

We share with you a few unusual yet creative places to do so.



The Cage built along a bridge in Punggol Waterway is a quaint spot perfect for an expression of love. (Photo: Erwin Soo / flickr.com)

You have probably heard great things about Punggol Waterway, with its boardwalk of picturesque views and serene spaces snaking through the North. Several of these corners easily yield some of the best natural scenery in Singapore — serving as the perfect backdrop for your romantic surprise.

There are a number of pavilions here, each with a different look and character. For instance, the Look Out Pavilion in the Undulating Zone overlooks the park and is encased in architectural angled walls, and the Cage on a bridge over the reservoir provides a nice atmosphere with rustic vines crawling up the white rails.

Dusk is the best time for this plan, as it blankets the sky with a beautiful royal purple. Plus, there would be no afternoon sun to beat down harshly on one of the most emotional moments of your life.



Sitting on Pulau Satumu is a lighthouse, built in 1855, perched on Singapore’s southernmost tip. (Photo: Erwin Soo / flickr.com)

Sitting at a pier on Pulau Satumu (“One Tree Island”) is a lighthouse standing at Singapore’s southernmost tip. Built in 1855, the Raffles Lighthouse used to be run on kerosene but now uses eco-friendly lamps powered by solar power and photocell.

Here, choose from one of many perfect proposal spots: on the pier with the lighthouse in the background, at the top of its 88 spiralling steps in a glass-panelled dome overlooking the sea or even in a maritime museum that used to be the generator room.

If you’re a “punny” couple, it’s the perfect setup for lines like “You’re the light of my life” and “You’re my beacon of happiness”. Just don’t say you got it from me.



The authentic bridges, ponds and even a traditional Japanese rest house make Japanese Garden a scenic and romantic spot.

You probably know about the Japanese Garden, which is connected by a large bridge to Chinese Garden, but not many people know about the picturesque spots hiding here.

The grounds are peppered with authentic Japanese architecture and features such as traditional arched bridges, Toro stone lanterns and even a traditional rest house. The styles and methods used to design the garden are adapted from Japan’s Muromachi (1392 to 1568) and Azuchi-Momoyama (1568 to 1615) periods.

If you have your proposal here, your partner may forget that the two of you are still in Singapore, and your photographs may even make your friends and family think that you proposed in Japan. If they ask, you can say you were in Seiwa-en (the Japanese name for the garden).

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Is there an upcoming movie that you and your partner are looking forward to catch? Make it extra enjoyable by booking and arranging for VIP treatment.

For example, with Golden Village’s Gold Class, you can watch the film as you’re served delectable dishes such as truffle fries and abalone udon, and cosy up in new Nappa-leather seats.

Then, when the time is ripe — during an on-screen confession scene or kissing scene, for instance — express your own sentiments and surprise the love of your life by leaning over, planting a kiss and popping the question.

Your choice of movie here is critical. Perhaps it’s best not to choose a horror or slasher flick.

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Propose to your partner on the stone steps of Telok Blangah Hill Park for a rustic and romantic feel. (Photo: William Cho)

Telok Blangah Hill Park is quite a change in scenery for locals. The park, located off Henderson Road, has a collection of charming cobblestone paths and stairs snaking through Telok Blangah Green.

It’s also home to the famous Henderson Wave Bridge, which also shines beautifully in the evening light.

The Terrace Garden here is a popular spot for wedding shoots, as it consists of semi-circular terraces at the top of the park. From here, you can enjoy a breathtaking 360-degree view of Singapore. There are few places more romantic.

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By Pamela Chow