Subhas Anandan: A Man of Guts

Having stood for cases from the prominent “kidney transplant case” involving Tang’s chairman to high-profile murder cases, this was a man who feared little

Subjas Anandan famously declared that he has never rejected cases because of the offence the person had been charged with.

A series of academic success across his university years guaranteed a shining future for this lawyer-to-be. He briefly considered being a doctor, then a police officer, but finally settled for a law practice. While handling civil, accident and family cases, he found himself moving towards criminal law. Little did he know he would go on to become Singapore’s most recognizable criminal lawyer.

He handled close to 1000 cases in his career, spanning from high-profile crimes such as murder, rape, domestic abuse and drug trafficking to celebrities cases. His most famous cases include Quan Yi Fong’s taxi driver abuse incident and retail tycoon’s Tang Wee Sung’s kidney transplant controversy.

Deservedly the president of the Association of Criminal Lawyers of Singapore, Mr Subhas was known for his sharp and relentless interrogation, as well as his piercing stares and general ominous air.

In his later years, Mr Subhas mellowed down, fraught with long-standing medical issues. When asked what would be his ideal Christmas gift, he wisely commented that, “I don’t really want anything. If people really want to give me something, the best they can do is pray for me.”

May he rest in peace.