5 Viral Videos That Should Be On Ellen

Ellen DeGeneres frequently brings viral video sensations to her show. Here’s are a few we think are going to make the cut for her next season.

1) Rob Cantor

Rob Cantor uploaded his video of him singing an original song, “Perfect” with a multitude of different celebrity impressions ranging from Frank Sinatra to Bono to even Christina Aguilera. Skip to 2:34 to be mind blown. Update: Video revealed to be a clever fake. Darn.

2) These two Taiwanese toddlers

Watch as the little boy comforts the little girl on her nervousness about her first day in school. He’s a little ladies man in the making!

3) These dogs who say grace before dinner

If only we could teach our dogs to be this obedient! They even bring their dishes back to the owner after they’re done eating. We don’t even think some children are this well-behaved.

4) Ye Bin

This Korean cutie-pie has garnered over 10 million like since this video was uploaded in March. Since then, there are now more videos of her learning to share food, being frightened of Pororo the Penguin and talking about a potential younger sibling. Watch the first video that started it all, with her lesson on Stranger Danger.

5) ScottBradleeLovesYa

Talk about making trashy modern pop music better! Our current earworm is ScottBradleeLovesYa. This YouTube channel does jazzy, doo-wop and Flapper-era renditions of trashy pop music such as Psy’s Gentlemen, Miley’s We Can’t Stop and Lorde’s Royal. Have a listen to their version of Timber by Ke$ha and Pitbull.