FURRY TIPS WITH FLUFFY: Barking nuisance

Sometimes Franky would tell me I’m barking too much and it made me a little sad but at least he explained why to me!

Tips from Fluffy on how to be a responsible pet owner

Hello humans, I arf in peace!

My name is Fluffy and I am 3 years old. My hobbies include chewing on my toys and running around the home when my human, Franky is home. Franky is usually in school till the afternoon, Mum is usually in the kitchen cooking and Dad watches the tv a lot. It left me pretty lonely so sometimes I bark to get their attention.

But Franky came home early one day and told me off about my barking. I was very sad at first but Franky sat me down and properly talked to me, telling me the reasons why I cannot bark too much. He promised to give m little treats every time I arf in understanding. I was ready to listen!

I always bark when I’m lonely and need attention
I always bark when I’m lonely and need attention

Teaching your dog independence

Franky knows that I always bark because I am lonely and just want some love from them. He says that is a wrong way to do it and that I must learn how to be an independent puppy.

He said next week, he will be putting me in the playpen on my own for a few minutes first, then he will increase the time I’m left alone accordingly. I was very scared at first and kept barking but Franky promised he will come back with a new treat when I behave and become quieter.

Now it feels like I am rewarded for behaving good when I am alone!

Hearing a human voice

Sometimes I really miss Franky and I would whine till he comes home. He says it might help alleviate my loneliness if he left the television or radio on for me so I will always hear a human voice.

And it worked! Franky turned on the television and it was a little boy singing on a reality show. I like it!

Leaving the lights on

I don’t like the dark, it scares me and causes me to make a din so I don’t feel so terrified. Franky says he will get me a nightlight that he will put on the side of the wall so that the room will always be illuminayed.

Now I feel safe – sometimes I even play with my shadow!


As a treat for listening to everything Franky said and arfing in understanding of everything he was telling me, he gave me a new chew toy and some treats! I am a happy puppy.

We hope all pet owners around the world would take care of us as well as Franky do!

By Nicole Lee