Sipping Boncafe with Jenson Button

Top racer Jenson Button takes the afternoon off to enjoy a cuppa joe in an exclusive meet-and-greet session

The Singapore Grand Prix (GP) weekend has officially begun, and while fans are getting geared up by the tracks, champion racer Jenson Button spent his Friday afternoon very differently.

In an intimate banquet room by the tracks, the McLaren Formula One (F1) driver greeted a party of fans and partners before getting to work on his red and revving mean machine – but it wasn’t a race car.




Rather, Jenson –  who claimed the championship title in the 2009 World Championships – actually got down to work on a Boncafe barista machine for a nice afternoon coffee with his guests.

“I always take a shot of black coffee before my races,” the British sportsman told us after taking a big swig of his Boncafe beverage – black, of course.

He explains that it’s a “healthy” choice, and that’s important especially for a racer at the top of his game.

The coffee had him “bouncing off the walls” – evident in his amicable demeanour towards everyone in the room. Jenson then spent some quality time with his fans, chatting with us and signing autographs.

The man was cheerful to the end, and eventually had to rush off to resume his intense training for race night this Sunday.


Jenson Button (right) with our entertainment writer, Pamela

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By Pamela Chow