A Sci-Fi Thriller Based On…Tetris?

Cue creepy Tetris theme song

By Pamela Chow. Featured image: flickr.com.

(Photo: youtube.com)

The pieces are falling into place. A movie based on the classic game Tetris will begin shooting in China and other locations next year, reported Deadline. It’s a co-production between US and China that recently clinched a budget of US$80 million.

Here’s even more intriguing news: it will be a sci-fi thriller, and the first part of a trilogy.

Producer Larry Kasanoff told Deadline that it’s “not at all what you think; it will be a cool surprise”.

How will the simple yet addictive puzzle building game get transformed into an “epic sci-fi thriller”? One thing’s for sure: Keep giving us that dreaded “z”-shaped piece, and this will turn into a full-fledged horror flick.