Listen To These 12 Uniquely Singaporean Songs In 6 Min

Homegrown singer Kelly Poon sings 12 local Mandopop hits in just 6 minutes

Featured image: Courtesy of Mode Entertainment

With National Day just around the corner, malls have begun their spiel of classic NDP songs such as “Count On Me Singapore”, “Stand Up For Singapore” and “Home”.


To switch things up, local Mandopop artist Kelly Poon pays special homage to Singapore ‘s 51st birthday by singing to 12 classic Chinese Mandopop tunes by Singaporean singers and producers.

The video features Poon in a car, passing through familiar sights in Singapore, such as the dragon playground in Toa Payoh, the iconic Marina Bay Sands view and our pride and glory, Changi Airport.

Check it out below; plus, read on to listen to each of the featured songs in the video.


In an interview with Weekender, Poon shared that this tribute music video was her best way of wishing Singapore a happy 51st birthday.

She said, “It is definitely a great and effective method of bonding and unifying all Singaporeans.”

We think so too, Kelly. Kudos for the sentimental throwback to the top 12 local Mandopop soundtracks that we know and love.

Here are the 12 songs sung in order:

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1. Stephanie Sun 孙燕姿: 《遇见》

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