FLUFFY’S PET TIPS: Juggling the little ones in the family

I can’t wait to grow up together with Fiona!

Today, Franky gets a baby sister! Franky introduced me and Kitty to Fiona after teaching us some new important lessons we must remember

We are expecting a new family member! I am very excited to meet Fiona.

Hello humans, I arf in peace!

Today we were introduced to Fiona! She is such a tiny baby and I am already in love with her. Kitty adores her and kept trying to meow and lick Fiona’s cradle. Franky saw us trying to get Fiona’s attention and sat us down to talk to us.

What is toxoplasmosis

Franky taught us a new term today: toxoloplasmosis. It is a lethal disease that can causes serious birth defects. The parasite responsible for this disease can be found in uncooked and undercooked meat, as well as in the faeces of cats that ingest raw meat, birds, mice or contaminated soil. Kitty was horrified and meowed repeatedly and assured us she will not eat any of that to protect Fiona.

I can’t wait to grow up together with Fiona!
I can’t wait to grow up together with Fiona!

Cohabiting young babies with pets

At first Kitty was afraid that Franky’s parents would not want her anymore because they now have Fiona. She says she was a little jealous of Fiona at first! Franky’s mum assured her that while she will definitely spend less time with Kitty, she will never neglect her first “baby”, Kitty! Franky has started to spend more time with Kitty to help her cope and I am just happy to be watching Fiona play!

Preparing your pet for a new family member

Franky says this is very important and Kitty pricked her ears up. He says he will bring her to a veterinarian next week with a routine health exam and any necessary vaccinations. Kitty was frightened at first and I heard Franky’s dad saying they may have to go to an animal behaviours specialist if Kitty continues to exhibit fear and anxiety.

Franky’s mum brought up sterilization too, telling Kitty that it will significantly reduce any potential health problems. She adds that neutering would help with calming down Kitty and cause her to be less likely to bite.

Talking about Fiona

Franky has been very excited talking about Fiona. He says she looks absolutely tiny in her hospital cot and happily waved a baby toy at us, saying that was her cuddle toy when she was in the hospital. He gave it to us and me and Kitty curiously took a whiff at the scent.

Kitty says Fiona smells like scrambled eggs. I said Fiona smells like baby powder. Afterwards we both tried to snatch the toy because we both ended up liking Fiona’s toy and scent!

We hope all pet owners around the world would take care of us as well as Franky do!


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