8 Feel-Good Stories Of 2018 That Remind Us Of The Good In The World

They prove last year wasn't a total disaster

Push away the thought of that negative headline you read for just a moment. Much of the news in 2018 was bad: horrible crimes, new viral outbreaks, natural disasters, the passing of legends... what about the good stuff that happened? With the benefit of hindsight, we can look back and recognise all the awesome things that happened last year. Here are some inspiring and positive stories from 2018 that deserve to be remembered as we look forward to more light and kindness this year. They're also uplifting to read whenever you're feeling down.

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Photo: / KC Pet Project

8. Animal shelters teach cats how to high-five to boost their adoption chances

As if need more reasons to adopt the adorable creatures! But the effort by animal shelters across the US to help cats get adopted really touch our heart. Through the Cat Pawsitive program, shelters are teaching the cats tricks like how to high-five, and it works! Over 400 cats who were part of the program got adopted during the first two semesters!

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