Fann Wong On Latest Movie: I Refused To Wear Make-up

For her role in Taiwanese film Packages from Daddy, the actress insisted on going bare-faced

Photos: Pamela Chow, Courtesy of Shaw Theatres

Even after giving birth to a son - Zed, who is now two - Fann Wong remains a glamorous fashion icon. The veteran actress, who is married to fellow actor Christopher Lee, was recently spotted at a Michael Kors opening and shot a campaign for Ed Hardy diffusion line, Hardy Hardy.

But this is not the Fann that appears in Packages from Daddy. On the contrary, she takes on a sombre role as a single mother of two saddled with the sudden death of her husband. The Taiwanese production was directed by Tsai Yin-chuan.

Before the Singapore Gala Premiere, Fann bares all about being a mother - both on and off the camera.

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Do you feel like your personality has changed since becoming a mother?

I feel like I’ve suddenly rediscovered myself. I used to be a workaholic, but now I’m a child-holic. I realised that while I enjoy my acting and my business, they’re ultimately not as important as family.


Do you bring Zed to the studio with you?

Yes I do! I just brought Zed to my husband’s set on The Fortune Handbook. I brought so many sweets and drinks for everyone, but at the end of the day they were all labelled “ZedZed’s treats”. That’s how it is. [Laughs]

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