Mandopop Superstar Angela Zhang Is Back

We anticipate her “100% Angela Zhang World Tour” concert on 18 Nov


For many Mandopop fans, Angela Zhang’s appearance in Singapore earlier this month was an exciting affair.

“Hello Singapore, it’s been nine years since we last met,” Zhang greeted the room. “How have you been?”

Indeed, it’s been almost a decade since the Taiwanese Mandopop queen came to Singapore, but passionate fans have not forgotten the powerful voice and stage presence of the petite singer.

Members of her fan club in presence gave her their fullest support, chanting a cheer after she greeted them: “It’s okay if you took longer than before, you’ll still be our number one!”

Zhang’s upcoming concert in Singapore, to be held on 18 Nov, will be the sixth stop in her world tour. She will be belting out familiar favourites as well as new songs from her latest album, “Head Over Heels”.

In an interview, Weekender chats with Zhang about her latest launch and her feelings about coming back to perform for her fans in Singapore.

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Would you call yourself an independent and strong woman?

I strongly believe that every girl should chase her own dream. I don’t really like to rely on others. I’d rather achieve milestones on my own.

When you have nobody to rely on but yourself, you will feel a greater sense of achievement and confidence.


How do you balance work and your love life?

To be completely honest, I do have a very good partner. He’s someone that I can rely on. I hope that I’ll always have the ability to do things I love and am most passionate about. I do enjoy my current work very much and would still like to focus on my music career for the time being.


Your new song “Not Afraid” is about courage. What do you hope your fans will learn from this?

Many people tell me that they listened to my music growing up, and that [it] helped them get back on their feet.

Once, a fan told me that due to a medical condition, he wasn’t able to walk. He listened to my music and was inspired to be strong and brave like me. Now, he is able to walk and stand back on his feet.


I was very touched. I am not trying to praise myself, but I feel that since I have this talent, I should share [my strength] with everybody. My music is always positive — never will you hear negativity in my albums. I hope that through my music, I can encourage the weak and make them feel stronger.

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