5 Things The Movies Said Would Happen In 2017

We trusted you, Harry Potter!

This year is turning out to be a huge year for many fan bases, as several films were actually set in 2017.

So what kooky inventions or developments were we supposed to get in the next 12 months, if the movie industry could have its way? Here are five things that happened in 2017, according to hit films.

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Photo: Wikimedia Commons

2. Britney Spears gives birth to her 23rd baby with Kevin Feder-who again?

We’re not leaving Britney alone for this. In the 2006 movie Click, which stars a time-travelling Adam Sandler, there’s not much difference in that version of 2017. When the remote starts acting up, Sandler wakes up in our current year, during which former pop sensation Britney Spears is supposed to have just given birth to her 23rd baby.

“February the 5th, 2017: Britney Spears had her 23rd baby today. Proud father Kevin Federline says he’s now considering getting a job.”

We’re kinda relieved this one didn’t come true.

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