17 Must-watch Movies That Will Help You Survive 2017

These exciting upcoming movie releases are our saving grace

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Still getting used to seeing "2017" everywhere instead of "2016"? For some of us, the whole idea of it being 2017 hasn't quite settled in yet.

To help you get ready to tackle the new year head-on, we've gathered 17 amazing movie releases that we can look out for this year.

Disclaimer: All dates are subject to change by respective movie distributors.

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2. Kong: Skull Island (9 Mar)

Starring hotshots Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L Jackson and Brie Larson, Kong: Skull Island revives the spirit of the classic Kong movies. A diverse team of explorers is brought together to venture deep into an uncharted island in the Pacific, unaware of its beauty, dangers and that they’re crossing into the domain of the mythic Kong.

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