#TheWeekendList: 20-22 April

20-22 April: Bid adieu to Armenian Street, be amongst beautiful tulips and snag a new pair of shoes at a bargain!

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Photo: Bang Bang

1. Witness Cookie Monster and a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle butt heads 

If you’re a frequent night reveller at Bang Bang, then you’d be quite familiar with the night club’s family of mishmash mascot characters, including Elmo, Hello Kitty and Teletubby, that take turn to boogie on the dance floor. To celebrate the club’s three years of mascot mayhem, Bang Bang adds one more member to the whole gang, but not without putting on a show. On 20 April from 10pm onwards, the club will pit Cookie Monster and Michaelangelo of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, as chosen by party-goers, against each other, where both characters will outdo each other through entertaining acts such as beat-boxing and street dancing. The victor is then be determined by a poll, where guests cast their votes for their favourite mascot. Furthermore, special drinks that reflect the essence of each character will be concocted on that night, where each purchase counts as a vote as well. There’s no cover charge on the evening.

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