The Weekend List: 2-4 Sep 2016

Say goodbye to boring weekends with our weekly guide!

By Pamela Chow and Samantha Francis

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Photo: Japan Food Town

1. Indulge in top quality Matsusaka Beef

If good beef gets you excited, be sure to check out Japan Food Town‘s Matsusaka Beef Fair. Held from 1 to 11 Sep, the fair is a celebration of the food hall’s arrangement with the Matsusaka Cattle Council in Japan to exclusively retail Matsusaka beef in Singapore.

Diners can expect specially curated Matsusaka beef menus from 10 restaurants, including dishes like Matsusaka Beef Tsuke Men ($29.80) and Matsusaka Beef Shabu Shabu/Sukiyaki (from $50.90).

More information here.

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