#TheWeekendList: 1-3 June

1-3 June: What to do at Artbox's final weekend, indulge in a durian buffet, play on a crotchet playground

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Photo: Frasers Property

3. Play on a crotchet playground 

As an initiative to pay it forward for the underprivileged, Frasers Property has fitted seven malls with playgrounds made up of crocheted nylon ropes, where 20 minute of play time is requires a $5 donation to the Association for Persons with Special Needs (APSN) Centre for adults.Called The RopeScape, The playground’s makeup is of recycled materials such as key chains dog leashes, skipping ropes and floor rugs, meticulously crocheted by ASPN and a team of volunteers. The playgrounds are erected until 1 July, after which the ropes will be re-purposed into handcrafted products that will be on sale, with all proceeds going to the association’s Centre for Adults.

The RopeScape is erected at Waterway Point, including other paritipating Frasers malls

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