Sentosa Just Became Cooler With These Thrilling After-Dark Activities

The island of fun launches a series of thrilling night activities

Photos: Sentosa

For the entire month of March, Sentosa is rolling out a slew of after-dark activities that will reveal a hidden side of the island, spanning from the historical seat of Fort Siloso to a new night-time zipline ride.

To accompany this month-long “Thrillogy” programme, Sentosa is offering free island admission via the Sentosa Express to students holding valid Singapore Student Concession Cards. Youths can also enjoy other promotions such as one-for-one deals and half-priced attractions.

Here’s what to look out for this month at Sentosa.

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Camping by the beach @ Sentosa

Chalets are so passe. If you’re longing for an outdoorsy adventure, you can now camp overnight at Palawan Beach for the first time, lulled to sleep by the sounds of waves lapping ashore.


On selected weekends, visitors are invited to bring their own tents to experience sleeping under a blanket of stars in Sentosa.

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