7 Kid-Themed Hotel Experiences For A Family Staycation In Singapore

Your little ones will have a blast at these family-friendly hotels

If you have kids, it can get tough to plan a staycation that pleases everyone in the family. You want to relax and be pampered, while they want to play and can’t stop moving about. Well, many hotels and resorts in Singapore offer an answer to your struggle. They have designed whimsical family rooms with bunk beds and play facilities specially with kids in mind, so your whole family can find joy in the stay. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself playing with your little ones, too!

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Photos: Shangri-La Hotel

1. Shangri-La Hotel

The themed family suites at Singapore’s Shangri-La Hotel have made international headlines for their superb decor designed for kids. Depending on which of the five suites you pick, your children can play kings and queens from their fortress-beds, explore an underwater world or outer space, have an adventure in a Tree Top house, or camp out in a safari. And that’s just one bedroom of the spacious 72-square-metre suite! Parents can enjoy their peace and privacy in a separate bedroom, connected by a tunnel to the children’s room. The luxury experience of Shangri-La extends to a special family concierge service and a pantry stocked with children’s essentials, such as prams and an induction heater. What about some outdoors fun? All little guests of the themed suites get access to Buds by Shangri-La, an engaging play space spanning indoors and outdoors, with zones like ball pits and art rooms. There’s so much to explore in the hotel, your children won’t miss home at all!


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