Female Singaporeans Can Now Try What It’s Like To Serve In The Army At This 2D1N Boot Camp

We bet they’d do brilliantly

With the declining population in Singapore, the question of whether it should be also made compulsory for female Singaporeans to serve National Service has been raised more often than not.

While the question continues to gnaw at the back of every lawmakers’ mind, it hasn’t stop certain groups of women to willingly volunteer themselves to the Singapore Armed Forces, knowing full well that they’ll be roughing it out with botak boys during the three-month Basic Military Training phase, before moving on to other military vocations.

And then there are other female citizens, who are not ready to make that kind of commitment, but still posses a mild interest in the makings of a Singaporean soldier.

Well, they can soon experience the military regiment and practices at the first ever Women’s Boot Camp, organised by Women in Community.

As described in the visual and from the organisation’s Facebook post, the Women’s Boot Camp is a 2 Day 1 Night camp, set to take place at an actual military camp of Maju Camp over 1 to 2 September.

Some activities female campers are set to participate in are handling rifles, perform foot drills at a route march, go through the standard obstacle course (in full Standard Battle Order attire, perhaps?), combat ration tasting and setting up basha tents. They will also spend the night in military bunks. Whether there is the dreaded Stand By Bed inspection, it didn’t say.

The Women’s Boot Camp is open to all Singaporean and PR women of 13 years and above at $45/$55 per head.

So if you are female and feel you have what it takes to be soldier, head here to register before 31 July 2018.