10 Best Gynecologist In Singapore

Before diving into where to get the best gynecologists in Singapore. Let’s talk briefly about if you need a gynecologist in the first place.

The simple answer is yes you do. According to Webmed, A gynecologist is a physician who specializes in reproductive health in women. They diagnose and treat female reproductive tract disorders. The uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries, and breasts all belong under this category. Anyone who has female organs is eligible to see a gynecologist. 80% of those who see one are between the ages of 15 and 45.

A gynecologist is an expert who is qualified to treat and diagnose problems that your primary care physician may be unaware of. It’s normal to feel a bit anxious when you think of seeing a gynecologist. So let’s examine ten reasons why you should consult a gynecologist and set your mind at ease.

Birth Control

If you are sexually active but do not intend to become pregnant, you see your gynecologist. You would learn about the numerous options available to you, their efficacy rates, and which may be the greatest fit for your lifestyle by visiting this section.

Pelvic Exam

Having a pelvic exam on a yearly basis can assist in detecting any unexpected growths or changes that may have formed, as well as testing for sexually transmitted infections (STI). Women experiencing abnormal discharge, menstrual abnormalities, or perimenopause should absolutely see their physician annually.

Irregular Menstrual Cycle

An irregular menstrual cycle may be a symptom of a more serious health concern. As a result, it is critical that you see our gynecologist for an examination. Kindly inform us if your period has been longer or shorter, if your bleeding has become heavier, if your cramping has become more painful, or if you have noticed any other changes.

General Gynecological Health

Every woman’s calendar should include annual appointments. Young women can establish a baseline of their gynecological health by beginning in their adolescence. Annual check-ups are more likely to detect changes or potential problems. When it comes to resolving issues, early diagnosis is frequently key to a successful outcome.

Pap Smear

Your annual gynecological exam should include a pap smear. This test is sent to a laboratory for analysis to rule out cancer or other abnormalities. Certain things are simply not detectable by an interior examination alone.

Breast Examination/screening

Many people believe that an OB/GYN is solely for vaginal difficulties. Breast health, on the other hand, is a significant concern for women. Along with your annual examination, you’ll almost certainly receive a manual breast exam to look for any concerning lumps or tissue masses.

Painful Intercourse

Sex shouldn’t be painful, if it is, something may be amiss. It could be physical or psychological and a gynecologist can help.

Changes in Vaginal Discharge

Abnormal discharge may be an indication of infection. Internal examinations are your best shot for determining the source of the problem. Ignoring it may worsen the situation

Urinary Issues

If you experience pain or observe blood when urinating, you should contact our gynecologist immediately. While blood in the urine or pain are not always from serious complications, you can’t know until you see a professional.

Maternal Healthcare

Maternal health requires care from an OB/GYN. If you suspect or know you are pregnant, you should schedule an appointment immediately.  Gynecologists are trained to help you throughout your pregnancy to ensure everything is going well and to address any concerns.

Here are a few things you need when visiting your gynecologist.

– Medical and surgical history
– List and dates of immunizations you have had
– Copies of lab work or any major imaging test
– A list of questions you would want to ask your gynea.

10 Gynecologist centers in Singapore

1. Zoey 

Zoey is a female clinic in Singapore that provides birth control services. The nicest thing is that there is no requirement for a physical meeting. You consult with a physician online, but only after completing an online evaluation. They provide emergency contraception, birth control pill methods, and a variety of brands. Once prescribed, medications are discreetly delivered to your house within four hours. Even if you request a change in your prescribed medication, you can switch brands. It is completely adaptable.

Their physical headquarters are located at 45 Kallang Pudding Road, 09 08A, Singapore 349317. However, being a strictly telehealth organization, it provides exclusively online consultations. To begin a consultation session, simply visit their website.

Read Zoey’s guide on Everything You Need To Know About Seeing A Gynaecologist In Singapore | Zoey Singapore.

2. Singapore Women’s Clinic

Singapore Women’s Clinic (Tampines) is a clinic in Singapore that is administered by the Singapore Women’s & Children’s Medical Group. Dr Loke is the lead Obstetrician and Gynecologist. Since 1991, he has practiced as an Obstetrician and Gynecologist at Singapore Women’s Clinic (Tampines).

The clinic offers the following:
– General Obstetrics
– Fertility Control & Family Planning
– Minor Gynecological Procedures
– Dilatation and Curettage
– Female Cancer Screening

3. Sidek Clinic For Women

Owned by Dr Sidek who is a seasoned Obstetric and Gynecology clinic with over 25 years of experience. The clinic helps ladies in pursuing their ambitions of raising healthy children.

It is an Obstetrics and Gynecology clinic with over 20 years of experience and treats patients from all around the world, not only in Singapore. It offers a variety of services to its clientele while maintaining complete anonymity at all times.

Some services it offers include:
– Delivery
– Pregnancy Check-Ups
– Fertility Treatment
– Birth Control
– Women Screening
– Termination of pregnancy including medical termination
– Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation
– Designer Laser Vaginoplasty
– Laser Hymenoplasty

4. ACJ Women’s Clinic

The established specialized healthcare institution is housed within Mt Alvernia Hospital’s grounds. Founded in 2005, they are a group practice clinic that specializes in obstetrics and gynecology. Their practice is primarily concerned with the care of pregnant women. Apart from pregnancy, it has a strong focus on gynecological concerns such as fibroids, cysts, endometriosis, and other menstrual disorders. Additionally, they offer subfertility and pre-pregnancy counseling. Currently, they have a team of four physicians and ten support employees and are hoping to expand.

5. Astra women specialist 

This is an onsite female clinic with 12 locations in Singapore. Each location is led by a different specialist. Astra is a provider of contraception to married and unmarried women. You can simply locate the individual addresses for these locations by visiting their website, selecting ‘Locations,’ and then selecting the branch you wish to visit.

They provide the following services:
– Pregnancy
– Gynecologist
– Fertility
– Birth control
– Laparoscopic Surgery

6. DR Tan and Partners

They approach women’s health holistically. They have nine locations in Singapore, including Duo Galleria, Holland Village, Raffles Place, Robertson, Noven, Somerset, and Siglap (Express Clinic). Female patients who prefer female physicians have access to professional qualified female physicians who can cater to their medical needs.

7. Kensington Family clinic 

It is located at 14D Kensington Park Road, Singapore 557265 Serangoon Gardens. You can book an appointment via SMS on +65 92959585.

They provide the following services
– Menstrual irregularities & Menopause
– Prenatal follow up and tests
– Pregnancy tests & advice
– Contraception & Family Planning advice
– Wellness and General Health Screening
– Pre-marital screening
– Female STD / STI screening
– Pap smear & Thin Prep
– Cervical cancer vaccination
– Pap smear and Thin prep

8. Elyon Family Clinic and Surgery

They provide services in women’s health and specifically provide contraceptive options to women. It is Located at 78B, Telok Blangah Street 32, #01-22, Singapore 102078. It is possible to book an appointment via WhatsApp on these numbers +65 6802 7208 or +65 8418 7208.

Some other services include:
– Regular PAP smear
– PAP smear (Thin Prep)
– Breast Cancer screening (Mammogram plus Ultrasound breast)
– Breast Cancer screening with Bone Mineral Density (BMD)
– HPV testing (high risk cancer-causing subtypes )
– HPV testing with Thin Prep PAP smear $240

9. DB Medicals

DB Medicals is located at 290 Orchard Road #14-10 Paragon Medical Center Singapore.You can consult privately by filling out a form on their website. DB is Committed to providing only the utmost quality of  health services for women  in Singapore.

They provide the following services:
– Menstrual disorders
– Vagina problems
– Contraception
– Cervical and breast cancer screening

10. Atlas Pacific Medical 

They provide contraception and emergency contraception to female patients. Their only branch is on 428 River Valley Road 01-10 Loft@Nathan, Singapore 248327. There are female doctors ready to listen to you. All you need to do is book via SMS +65 8419 1943 or call +65 6386 9098.

Other core services they offer include:
– Vaginal discharge
– Cervical cancer screening
– Acute urinary tract Infections
– Vaginal lumps and bumps
– Irregular menstruation

Wrapping up

Your gynecologist is your friend and this applies to every woman. They should be your first and only option if you have any concerns about your body. See one today.