6 Places To Immerse Yourself In The Realm Of Virtual Reality Gaming

No longer is digital gaming a sedentary lifestyle

While there are board game cafes and escape rooms that do a swell job of suppressing boredom, the arrival of Virtual Reality (VR) gaming has offered up an experience more stimulating and thrilling to quell even the most restless. Even though the concept is fresh and relatively raw, several gaming companies have splashed out with high-end machines to bring the most authentic VR experience for our gaming pleasure. Here are six VR gaming places to geek out at:

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Photo: Virtual Room Facebook

2. Virtual Room Singapore 

The team at Virtual Room Singapore focuses on the idea of collaborative VR in which teams of four play together for a duration of 45 minutes. Though each player will be housed in their individual rooms, players will have to work with their friends to complete the missions tasked before time runs out. Within the time frame, players will have to communicate, walk around, bend down, throw objects and come together to solve the challenges they face in the other world. At Virtual Room Singapore, players become agents of Omega team who have to time travel to historical periods and recover crucial lost information that is needed in saving the future world. Armed with the latest VR gear that is the HTC Vive in the HTC Room Scale, players movements are tracked in the virtual world with maximum space, allowing users to gain the full immersive experience from the VR video game. Each 45-minute game session starts from $44 per person.

Address: 211 New Bridge Road, Lucky Chinatown, Basement 3, Singapore 059432
Tel: 69668060
Website: www.singapore.virtual-room.com
Opening Hours: 10am to 10pm (Monday to Sunday)

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