Where To Go For Mouth-Watering Mooncakes This Mid-Autumn Season

Some outlets offer unusual ones including mooncakes in milo, blue pea flower, and even Guinness flavours

Regardless of whether you want to treat yourself or to gift other people, these selected mooncakes definitely do the job of reining in the Mid-Autumn festivities perfectly.

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Photo: The Fullerton Hotel Singapore 

2. The Fullerton Hotel Singapore (from $61 for a box of four)

Alongside its signatures of Pandan with Gula Melaka Snow Skin Mooncake and The Fullerton Golden Custard Mini Mooncake (S71 for a box of eight), the luxury hotel is poised to outdo itself for the Mid-Autumn festivities with a lineup of new exciting flavours. For the baked department, you can look forward to White Lotus Seed Paste with Macadamia Baked Mooncake and White Lotus Seed Paste with Hazelnut Baked Mooncake. While the healthful Yuzu with Chia Seeds Snow Skin Mooncake is another new offering from the snowskin selection, it is the Milo Dinosaur Mooncake that commands your attention with its filling of smooth milk lotus paste, peppered with crunchy pops of Milo. The locally-inspired mooncake was created to pay respects to the Fullerton Building’s 90th anniversary this year. The range is available until 24 September.

1 Fullerton Square, Singapore 049178

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