#ThirstyThursday: 5 Alchemy-Themed Cocktails To Imbibe At Elixir Bar

Sip on the powers of Olympian deities

Photo: Elixir Bar/Weekender

"Then we add dried lizard brain and strands of a werewolf's chest hair," cackled Head Mixologist Vladyslav Buzko like a witch over a bubbling cauldron. "Now, let's not forget the blood of a unicorn!"

The Ukraine-born bartender reeled us in closer as he put up a display of theatrics to formulate Heracles Force ($23) - a cocktail modeled after the courage and supernatural strength of Heracles, the mortal son of Zeus. Here, dried lizard brain is walnuts, werewolf's chest hair (ew!) is ginseng, and unicorn's blood? Well, that's something Vlad would like to leave to your imagination.

The twenty-something good-looker currently helms Elixir Bar at KUVO, and is also the force behind 10 otherworldly cocktails that take cues from Greek mythology. The cocktail menu is segregated into five categories - Happiness, Beauty, Life, Luck and Courage, with every cocktail's ingredients inscribed in fantastical names. Imbibers can seek the help of a legend included at the back of the menu.

So leave real life behind and go on a flight of fancy when you soak in (or sip on) the intoxicating magic conjured by Elixir Bar's Vlad.

A whole new world awaits.

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Elixir of Immortality ($24)

Unfading beauty or to live forever- a conundrum posed by the crafty bartender and his mystical potions. If you opt for everlasting life, then look to the Elixir of Immortality that consists of cloves, raspberries, sweet syrup and then laced bourbon whisky and Angostura bitters. “And unicorn blood,” Vlad added before collecting a sample from a wooden barrel. What is it actually, we asked him. To which he replied: “Top secret!” In consolation, the cheeky Ukranian allowed us to taste the unicorn blood on its own. It is in the colour blue and tasted like a sweet fruit. Almost like Ribena (it’s not, we tried guessing).

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