Sip On It — Melbourne’s T2 Tea Is Now In Singapore

You’ll find all the popular blends, alongside the special ‘Singapore Breakfast’ tea

Photos: T2 Tea

Asia’s first T2 store is now at 313@Somerset.

I recall stepping into a T2 store during my last trip to Melbourne, where I discovered a wonderland of unique tea blends from classic favourites like Earl Grey to new generation blends like Melbourne Breakfast.

Before I took a sip, I first fell in love with the quaint and colourful packaging — stacks of little boxes in perfect squares, each one hinting at the flavour within.

Test stations were all around, allowing visitors to sample the limited edition flavours of the month.

Now, Singapore will get a taste of this thanks to the launch of Asia’s first T2 store at 313@Somerset.

Local tea lovers can savour a library of over 200 tea blends, alongside unique teawares and brewing tools.

The local-exclusive Singapore Breakfast tea.

To celebrate its arrival, T2 has also launched the local-exclusive Singapore Breakfast tea. The blend of puerh, coconut and pandan makes a rich and toasty brew, which is said to pair well with kaya toast.

Tea lovers can expect interesting blends, matcha  and iced teas, with new and upcoming flavours in the works.

#01‐20, 313@Somerset, 313 Orchard Road