Chefs with Heart: To launch Aug 16

Chef Benny Se Teo training an aspiring chef

Youths train under celebrity chefs and hone their skills with the Chefs with Heart programme

The food and beverage (F&B) industry in Singapore is heavily dependent on foreign labour, especially in recent years. With government restrictions, many businesses are now facing a shortage of chefs and manpower.

With such an acute shortage of resources, Chefs with Heart was created by Josephine of Just Cinnamon. Chefs with Heart is a practical hands-on skills training programme that not only empowers local youths but also makes it easier for them to obtain employment in the F&B industry.

Training in Progress

Chefs with Heart will give priority to youths from marginal and disadvantaged backgrounds to provide them with the opportunities they might not have. Chefs with Heart has been produced into an eight-episode reality production.

The programme will work closely with potential F&B employers to hire the contestants. Audience participation is also encouraged, to vote for their favourite trainee chef to win the contests.

Where to Watch

Chefs with Heart will be hosted on YouTube and free-to-air channels to make it accessible to anyone, at anywhere and at any time.
The pilot episode of Chefs with Heart will be launched on Aug 16 and posted weekly, every Friday. Each episode will showcase each youth chef’s training, the classes and the food challenges.