Celebrate Cocktail Week At Home With Plink

Add some zing to your drink with Plink flavoured ice cubes


Tired of ice diluting your cocktail?

Plink is an innovative sugar-free, flavoured ice cube brand that is set to revolutionalise the way we drink.
There are currently two flavours on the market, lemon-lime and peach. Plink has plans to create hundreds of other flavours including chocolate and beer flavoured ice as well!
The hygienic and convenient packaging does not need to be stored in the freezer until you need the cubes. They freeze in about two hours and take a longer time to melt compared to other ice cubes.
Try these flavoured ice cubes for yourself with these two cocktail recipes.
Spiced Orange Punch
Woo Woo Cocktail
By Nicole-Marie Ng
Plink is available at 7/11 Convenience Stores at $2.