Cakes your mom doesn’t know she wants… yet

Here is a round-up of Mother’s Day cakes, as well as great cakes that your mom would love

As a myriad of cakes assaults us this season of Mother’s Day, you might be at a loss on what to buy for your mother. Here are a few great cakes from around town to surprise your mom with.

We’ve rounded up a few seasonal delights and atypical cake selections for you. It’s time to indulge Mom.

Brew & Bake

Open since October, this café has satisfied many customers who have posted their praises on Brew & Bake’s Facebook page. Its pastries range from specials such as the Lemony Peppermint Pie and Peanut Butter Candy Bar Pie and Pineapple Upside Down Cake.
Some of the best sellers include the Neapolitan and Kaya Cheesecake. Perhaps this might be a great option, to pop in and grab a cake for Mom.

28 Clementi Road, Singapore 12954, Tel: 9235 2276



Add a special touch to Mother’s Day this year with PrimaDéli’s cakes – Abundant Love and Pink of Roses. Both delicate creations will be perfect as a welcome treat on their own or a light refreshing finish to a hearty Mother’s Day celebratory meal.

The former is a fruit-topped cake while the latter contains a rich chocolate ganache.



This year, Bakerzin introduces two new Mother’s Day cakes, the NuttiYuzu and the Tango Bianco. Both feature the fruity and refreshing flavours of tangerines and yuzu and have the added decadence of cream and layers of mousse.



Crafted in a deep-red hue and a fresh shade of white, Velvety Mom-ents from Swensen’s has the sweetness of vanilla ice cream entwined with moist red velvet sponge cake.

Topped with a cluster of fondant flowers and marbled white chocolate, the cake emulates the idea of a bed of flowers.

Available at all Earle Swensen’s and Swensen’s outlets.



If your mom is a fan of lava cakes, pay Smoulder a visit at its new outlet in Takashimaya Food Hall. Savour Smoulder’s various bite-sized lava cakes in flavours such as pistachio, lemon, chocolate and more.

It recently introduced Mousse Cups and Cakes in flavours such as green tea, chocolate hazelnut and mango passion fruit.