Caprilicious: Wake up to a delicious Sunday


With no lack of hotel brunch options around the island, is the new Caprilicious champagne brunch good enough to win people over to its location?

Hotel buffet lines have been following the same classic formula – the open-concept live kitchens; the seafood counter with exotic crustaceans glistening on a bed of ice cubes; chunks of roast and meat; the obligatory BBQ station and, of course, the sinful dessert corner.

I couldn’t help but feel the sensation of déjà vu upon entering Caprilicious.

As I entered, I was greeted by a cosy and unpretentious vibe that sets the appropriate ambience for a scrumptious brunch. But would this turn out to be worth the trip?

Steamed Chilean Seabass with Yuzu Soyu Duck Sauce
Steamed Chilean Seabass with Yuzu Soyu Duck Sauce

The Mains: Yay & Nay

The Steamed Chilean Sea bass was really well-cooked and tender. The yuzu sauce complemented it well, adding a tangy sensation to the taste of the fish.

The Crackling Pork Roulade is not the usual roasted pork. It is infused with apple compote and plum sauce, giving it the exquisitely multi-dimensional flavour.

The Eggs Benedict’s poached egg is served on a buttery brioche roll instead of the standard English muffin but could do with more hollandaise sauce. The flaky croissant with teriyaki salmon, too, was nothing to shout about.

Die, Die, Must-Try!

Hit the mouth-watering seafood crustacean counter filled with Fresh Tiger Prawn, New Zealand Green Mussel, Peruvian Half Shell Scallops and Canadian Oysters – full of resplendent freshness and juiciness.

Right beside that is a luscious showcase of three types of freshly cut sashimi – Norwegian Salmon, Ahi Tuna and Octopus. They were all impeccably fresh, with natural sweetness in every morsel of flesh.

Don’t miss out on the BBQ station outside, featuring quarter-pound Wagyu patties accompanied by teriyaki sauce, garlic rosemary lamb cutlets and grilled beef patty.

#95_food_exotic-fruits-stationA Sweet Ending

Round your belly-bursting brunch with indulgent options such as opera cake, mousse, and churros. A selection of exotic tropical fruits, which include soursop and durian pengat (with Gula Melaka) also awaits.

On the whole the champagne brunch was not amazing but satisfying and good value for money.

#95_food_ravioli-at-pasta-live-stationCaprilicious Sunday Champagne Brunch

Until 30 Nov

$58++ (adult), $38 ++ (child): comes with free flow of juices and soft drinks

$108++: comes with free flow of champagne (Laurent Perrier), house pour wines (Indomita) and cocktails (Classic Mojito, Bloody Mary, Capritini & Mimosa).

Capri by Fraser, 3 Changi Business Park Central 1, Singapore 486037, Tel: 6933 9878

By Lim Wan Ling