Fresh Durians At Your Doorstep: GrabDurian is back

Looking forward to yummy durians and a whole array of durian products without having to step out of your house!

Not every food delivery vans or cars deliver durian due to its strong smell. For the durian lovers, fret not, because GrabDurian is back!

GrabFood has partnered with various merchants including GrabDurian by Spike Empire, Ah Chew Desserts, Four Seasons Durians, Udders and more to offer a wide variety of delectable durian delights, including gelato, mini puffs, durian sago pudding, naan and of course – fresh, premium durians!

Here’s a quick look at some of the durian goodies you can expect from GrabFood this season, so durian lovers, keep your eyes peeled!

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1. Spike Empire

Spike Empire features five types of durians freshly harvested daily from farms in Pahang and made available for durian lovers on the same day through GrabFood.

What’s unique about ordering Spike Empire’s durians through GrabFood is the freshness of the durian flesh, because of its “farm-to-table” preparation process. Every day the durians are freshly dehusked and sealed at its Pahang farms. These individually packed durians are then transported in temperature-controlled trucks and sent directly to our GrabFood Fulfilment Centres or Hubs.

Choose from D13, Red Prawn, Mao Shan Wang, D24, Empire King (Black Gold), or get all variants to try at the comfort of your home. Each dehusked durian packet comes with around 400g of flesh

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