Head To Artemis Grill For Mediterranean-inspired, Sustainable Dining

Grass-fed cattle meat and organic vegetables take centre stage at Artemis Grill

By Samantha Francis


The spring chicken (bottom left) was tender and juicy, and paired well with the zesty flavours of harissa, couscous, mango, apricots and preserved lemon.


“Sustainable dining” seem to be the new buzzwords, with a growing number of diners paying greater attention to the source and nutritional value of their food.

However, it’s not always the case when you have a good concept and cuisine that matches sustainable dining. We checked out Artermis Grill to see how it fares.


Mediterranean Inspiration & Flavours


Riding on the wave of farm-to-table restaurants and raw food cafes is the new dining concept of Artemis Grill. At first glance, the extensive menu looks like a cornucopia of Mediterranean cuisine with influence from coastal Spain, Southern France, Italy and Greece.

As the dishes arrived, one by one, it became clear that sustainability and quality is at the heart of Artemis Grill.

The different types of meat are from grass-fed cattle as well as hormone-free, while organic vegetables took centre stage in a variety of dishes.

Freshness is Key

For starters, the Fig, Orange, Fennel Salad ($15) was refreshing, with citrus notes. With walnuts adding crunch, feta cheese lending a rich, briny flavour and a drizzle of caramel vinaigrette, the salad tasted wonderfully flavourful and delicious.

The mains arrived together with the sides, each one beautifully plated with vibrant colours. Both the Organic Corn Fed Spring Chicken ($35/$55) and Grass Fed Char Grilled Black Angus Tenderloin ($45) were mouth-watering creations.


Does Organic Taste Better?


Is there a real difference in taste, between organic and non-organic meat? That was the question I had from the start.

While there seemed to be little discernible difference, the spring chicken was exceptionally tender and juicy, and paired well with the zesty flavours of harissa, couscous, mango, apricots and preserved lemon. Its flavour profile reminded me of a paella dish.

The grass-fed tenderloin on the other hand, was succulent and leaner than most tenderloin steaks I’ve had.

Complementing the main dishes was the Artemis Crushed Potato Wedges ($13), which was crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside. I must have been too busy digging in to remember whether it was grilled then baked or the other way around. Nonetheless it was a standout dish.

By then, I was already satisfied. Nevertheless, the Pineapple Rhum Baba ($16) was the perfect dessert to end the meal.

Served with fresh pineapple, pineapple cannoli as well as rum and raisin ice cream, the Pineapple Rhum Baba’s fresh and zesty flavours won me over. Not that I needed more convincing.

Artemis Grill, CapitaGreen, 138 Market St, #40-01, Singapore 048946, Tel: 6635 8677

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