8 Christmas Log Cakes Yule’ll Definitely Love

Here, we have all our festive vices in one list

Whoever created this dessert that takes after a tree stump is a genius. Usually in a decadent chocolate flavour to take on the facade of a tree’s bark, log cakes have now evolved to adopt all sorts of flavours for everyone’s enjoyment. From classic chocolate variants to interesting ones such as durian and pistachio, here are our top picks you best be sinking your teeth into.

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Photo: Dolcetto by Basilico

1. Miniature Gingerbread Village from Regent’s Dolcetto by Basilico, $105 

It takes a village…no wait, it takes a gingerbread village to create Regent’s Basilico’s extremely adorable festive log cake! Boasting a banana sponge with a caramel chocolate mousse, the cake’s surface acts as a landing space for the erection of a flourishing gingerbread village, featuring little houses, mountains and firs. Winter white icing is piped on the miniature models to create the semblance of snow. How cute is that!

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