5 Culinary Delights To Indulge In When At Central Japan

Fancy a cone of Wasabi soft serve?

Aside from the enchanting mix of historic and new attractions, Central Japan's understated prefectures of Toyama, Nagano and Gifu also entice with a whole plethora of culinary marvels. Tantalising and unique in their own right, here are five delicacies to look out for if you ever visit these three prefectures.

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2. Wasabi Soft Serve at Daio Wasabi Farm, Nagano Prefecture 

As we arrived an hour half before the souvenir store closed, picking out wasabi-infused treats was hurried, to the point chaotic. Aside from getting our hands on the farm’s prized roots, we browsed through the wasabi likes of  mayonnaise, chocolates and tidbits, but just outside the store stands a makeshift ice cream parlour, offering -you guessed it- wasabi soft serve. Devoid of the fiery sensation that goes up the nostrils, the soft serve was a sweet, creamy and refreshing treat with just a tinge of the wasabi flavour.

3640 Hotaka, Azumino, Nagano Prefecture 399-8303

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