3 Places To Try Multi-Tiered Steamboat

Satisfy all your cravings at once with these grillin’, steamin’ and boilin’ steamboats

Why pick between a steamboat and a BBQ when you can have both? Or better yet, have all the methods of cooking your ingredients at your disposal?

Thanks to the growing trend of multi-tiered steamboats, diners can enjoy the convenience of boiling their seafood, grilling their meats and even dipping the items into bubbly cheese — all at once.

Here are three to try:

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Photo: Flame Cafe

1. Flame Cafe

Flame Cafe does your usual coffeehouse fare in a stark, industrial setting but its Cheesy Hotpot & Pagoda BBQ Steamboat takes the cake. The four-tiered ‘pagoda’ comes with a dual pot of boiling stock — go for the yuan yang which includes two broths, a searing hot BBQ pan, a bubbly platter of cheese sauce and a little steamer at the top.

Sets like the Seafood & Meat Combo start from $42.90.

Level 1, 73 Upper Paya Lebar Road


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