10 Most Addictive Chinese New Year Snacks Of 2017

Finger-licking good snacks, from bak kwa to pineapple tarts

The best part about the Lunar New Year? Getting our hands deep in the jars of delicious festive snacks, obviously.

Whether you’re a fan of smoky and caramelised bak kwa, buttery pineapple tarts, or melt-in-the-mouth kueh bangkit, we’ve rounded up the best snacks for you to try.

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Photo: Old Seng Choong

1. Old Seng Choong Pineapple Tarts

Looks like Old Seng Choong has outdone itself again by introducing pineapple tarts (from $23.80) in flavours like rose, yuzu, coconut and ‘chargold bak kwa’. No surprises here, our favourite is black and gold dusted pastry, which conceals bak kwa studded pineapple filllings. Savoury and sweet, too good!

Available on www.oldsengchoong.com

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