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Time To Welcome The Weekends With A Relaxing Cruise – Royal Caribbean, Spectrum Of The Seas


It is finally time to step out of Singapore after a good two years.

No air tickets, no messy paperwork and all it took was a mere three days before we find ourselves sailing out of Singapore. Escaping from the buzzing city life and into the relaxing sea waves. When we say sail, we meant to say that we went on board the Royal Caribbean, Spectrum of the Seas.

Royal Caribbean, Spectrum of the Seas is resuming their schedule and we can now sail out of Singapore in them. Even though we still can't dock in neighbouring countries, there are a lot of activities to look forward to onboard. Activities such as casinos, restaurants, theatres and many more.

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Multiple Dining Options

You will never get sick of the food on board when you have so many options to choose from! From Teppanyaki to Hot Pot, or dip into a unique communal dining experience against a backdrop of ocean views. Their Main Dining Room sits 1844 diners and meals are included in the tickets fee if you dine in here. If you miss your spices, you can head over to Sichuan Red to savor a bold tapestry of authentic spices and wow-worthy Asian-inspired flavours while feasting on spectacular sea views.

For the alcohol lovers, you can meet two robotic bartenders who know how to shake, stir and mix up. They will create an almost endless combination of cocktails, from classic to custom-crafted sips designed by you. Or you can just enjoy your drink at the Pool Bar.

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