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How To Visit The Descendants Of The Sun Film Locations

Do like Captain Yoo Si-jin and Doctor Kang Mo-yeon and tour these Descendants of the Sun Film locations

By Nicole-Marie Ng

Uruk is the fictional war-torn island in which hit Korean drama Descendants of the Sun was filmed. The island is always sunny, making it the perfect place for soldiers to run around topless during their morning physical training sessions.

One of the most memorable Uruk Descendants of the Sun scenes was when Si-jin and Mo-yeon spent the day on a deserted island. Si-jin then goes on to tell Mo-yeon that if you keep a rock from the island, you’ll be destined to return.

Make you own romantic memories by heading to this same magical island for your next holiday.

Viator.com has handpicked special tours where you can immerse in all things Descendants of the Sun by taking you to various filming locations.

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Head to the Greek island of Zakynthos, an ancient city that has roots tracing back to the Neolithic Age. The island is also referenced in ancient Greek literature, appearing in the Iliad and the Odyssey.

Even before the popularity of Descendants of the Sun, the most famous landmark of the island has been Navagio beach. The beach is covered with white pebbles instead of sand and is surrounded by crystal clear turquoise waters, making boats the only form of transportation to the island. If you’re looking for the best place in the world to propose, this might be it.

On tour, you’ll be able to explore the shipwreck, go for a swim and explore the various caves before having a traditional mountain tavern lunch.

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