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Travel To A Fun New World With Legoland Malaysia’s Brand New Attractions

With Legoland’s brand-new LEGO Friends Live Show and activities, and the SEA Life Malaysia Aquarium, it’s time to have a getaway to JB for a fun adventure!

All photos by Weekender.

July is the month of World Friendship Day – an apt time for Legoland Malaysia to invite the girls of LEGO Friends down from Heartlake City to meet its guests! One of LEGO’s most popular TV series, LEGO Friends focuses on five girls with unique personalities and interests, and how they navigate everyday life in their fictional town of Heartlake City.

A twenty-minute live show filled with high-energy dancing and singing, along with addictive bops, all woven through with the themes of friendship and loyalty; this is a fun show to catch! Bring your kids and join in the fun as the girls teach you the sing-along dance moves to their hit songs such as BFF and Friends are Forever. After, there will also be a meet-and-greet session, where young fans can snap a photo with their favs!

Besides that, as you wander the park, keep a look-out for activities such as Emma’s Expressive Art Class and Stephanie’s Stepathon, as well as character appearances.

Or, if your little one is more of a Finding Nemo fan, how about the wondrous SEA Life Aquarium? The latest addition to the Legoland Malaysia Resort, this gorgeous interactive aquarium features a whopping 13,000 sea creatures from over 120 species in 11 habitat zones, and will take you on a wonderful and educational journey through our planet’s precious marine-life.

Don’t miss out on the special Behind-the-Scenes Tour, where the friendly and knowledgeable guides will teach you more about animal healthcare and food preparation for the various sea creatures in the aquarium.

There are also interactive elements in every zone – get hands-on experience, and learn more about starfish and hermit crabs in the Rockpool Habitat. Patrick, is that you..?

There are also fun photo spots: we loved the ethereal Jellyfish Room, which lit up in different neon colours with each press of a button; the Shoaling Ring, with tanks taking the theme of a shipwreck; and the awe-inspiring Ocean Tank, where you can walk through a tunnel and watch the manta rays, fishes and even sharks, glide and swim gracefully above and around you!

Whether an adult or a child, the SEA Life Aquarium is a wonderful adventure through the blue worth experiencing!

It’ll be a fun time indeed staying at the Legoland Hotel as well – we loved how all the rooms were themed! We stayed on the Adventure floor, which gave us major Indiana Jones vibes: hieroglyphics, mummies, royal blue, red and gold-accented decor… Other floors have themes such as Ninjago and Pirate, so take your pick!

All rooms are Family Rooms, with one King-sized bed and one bunk bed – the latter of which having an extra pull-out mattress underneath – and with boxes of LEGO and two TVs that have channels ranging from HBO to Fox Movies, there’s no need to worry that your kids will be bored even after the park closes!

If you’re looking for a place to head to this National Day weekend for a short getaway; Legoland is the place to go if you’re one with young children or a big family! With family-friendly amenities, fun and educational attractions and an interactive Lego-filled experience that doesn’t end even when you exit the park; this is one adventure worth going for, just on the other side of the Causeway!

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