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This Picture Perfect Unicorn Island Less Than 4 Hours Away From Singapore Is The Holiday You Didn’t Know You Wanted

The largest floating playground in Asia just got a little bigger

Photos: Inflatable Island

Just as we though the unicorn trend has come to its timely (or untimely, your call) demise, 2018 decided to one up us with a massive inflatable unicorn island… that’s practically the stuff of your wildest unicorn dreams.

An easy two and a half hours away from the capital city of Manila, Inflatable Island in Subic, Philippines, has just gotten a little bigger from  3,400 sqm to over 4,000 sqm, just in time for summer.

Hanging out on a rainbow is no longer a distant dream

Who needs that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow when this inflatable rainbow, beginning to end, is all yours to bounce on? When you do get tired of all the bouncing action, just plonk yourself down wherever you want and relax under the pink skies at sunset.

See if you’re good enough for Ninja Warrior

Who’s always up for a good challenge? Whether you’re a kid or a kid-ult (that is totally a word by the way), it’s time to get your game on by tackling obstacles like the Slippery Slopes, the Mini Jump and Fly, and the Baba’s Slippery Slide. If you’re someone who’s always on the lookout for the most thrilling activities, you have to take on the 10m tall High Tarzan swing and the 9m Human Launcher. Your super inflatable adventure begins in 3, 2…

Take it slow if you so prefer

Inflatable Island’s new Pink Bali Beach is dotted with pink and purple tasseled umbrellas and bean bags (which we’re guessing explains the pink in its name), perfect for lounging in the sand with a drink in hand when you need a break from all that bouncing.

As the sun sets, slide deeper into your bean bag and enjoy a movie by the beach. Ah pastel-coloured beach life, we’re so coming for you the next time we’re in the Philippines!

Prices range from PHP 499 (~ 12 SGD) for a two hour pass to 1399 (~ 36 SGD) for a whole day pass.

More information here.