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Here’s Why Telunas Private Island Is The Ultimate Island Escape

Be swept away from everyday worry on this secluded paradise, just 2.5 hours from Singapore

Photos: Weekender & Telunas Resorts

Telunas Private Island has only 15 villas, creating a space of exclusivity and privacy.

As an urbanite used to constant connectivity, I was initially taken aback by the idea of being completely isolated from the world.

There is no WiFi connection on Telunas Private Island, nor on its neighbouring Beach Resort.

But the minute I arrived on the little islet set in Riau Islands, Indonesia, my concerns were quickly cast out to sea. Greeted by a team of warm and amiable staff, I was immediately transported to an idyllic paradise.

Enjoy a luxurious yet affordable massage by the sea or in the comfort of your own villa.

Simple luxuries

A row of 15 villas stretched across the ombre blue shore, reminiscent of the Maldives. Each is a double-storied loft that can house a family, with an airy bedroom that opens out to a balcony overlooking the cerulean seas.

All meals are included, and my selection from the day’s menu was always requested in advance. Squid is a speciality of the island; and as I’d learnt from a staff member named Okky, “Telunas” translates into “Squid Cove”.

Heading to the common area for lunch, it was a pleasant surprise to discover that my table had been reserved — as had all the other guests’, whom the staff remember by name.

My seat was always set to face the hour’s view, be it dawn’s sunrise or the dimming crimson at dusk. With the sea before me, I savoured the exquisite dishes while catching up on reading with the Kindle provided in my villa.

We enjoyed a bonfire with roasted marshmallows and a live serenading session.

Wild adventures

While reclining on an empty shore with my literature of choice was enjoyable, the island promised greater adventures in its wilderness.

With a kayak from the Activity Centre and a companion in the eager and experienced paddler Okky, I took on the sea that separated the Private Island from the Beach Resort.

Fishing on the boardwalk at Telunas Beach Resort, overlooking the Private Island and the open sea.

Once there, Okky brought me a hook and line. Though we didn’t manage to catch any fish, we whiled the rest of the day away with a heartfelt chat accompanied by the sunset. Removed from the outside world, Telunas was the ultimate respite.

Through activities like paddle-boarding, trekking around the island to unearth turtle shells on a hidden beach and even a sambal terasi (chilli with shrimp paste) cooking class, I found myself reconnecting not only with nature, but also with my own mind and body.

 Telunas Private Island is only 50km from Singapore.

Getting to Telunas

Located 50km from Singapore, Telunas Private Island is easily accessible by ferry and traditional longboat. First, book a ferry from Harbourfront Ferry Terminal to Sekupang Ferry Terminal in Batam, Indonesia, which takes 45 minutes.

Then, hop on a pre-arranged transfer to Telunas from the domestic terminal, where the crew will whisk you off to your private paradise one and a half hours away.

Online reservations are available at telunasresorts.com/private-island.

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