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Stress-free travel with British Airways

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Flying can be stressful even for seasoned travellers, much less for people who travel infrequently. Here’s how British Airways helps

Being on flights can be tiring and stressful for most people, and sometimes, that can even turn exciting getaways into a nightmare.

To avoid such unpleasant feelings or scenarios, consider flying British Airways, which offers relaxed, quick check-in services, and great on-board facilities to make travelling stress-free.

From award-winning Changi to Heathrow

Many have the luxury of flying from Singapore’s award-winning Changi Airport, which has been again named SkyTrax’s World’s Best Airport 2013. After checking in with British Airways, passengers can explore the tranquil thematic outdoor gardens or take a snooze in one of the dedicated napping areas.

What’s more, all British Airways flights from Singapore to or via London now land at London Heathrow Airport’s Terminal 5, which was awarded SkyTrax’s World’s Best Terminal 2013. With flights departing from an excellent airport and a terrific terminal, Singaporeans will receive first-class service on the ground.

Pleasant air travel

In the air, British Airways strives to provide a calm in-flight experience for all passengers, so that they can travel and land peacefully. Each aircraft is fitted with British Airways’ next-generation First class, and the popular Club World cabin where passengers can rest on the fully-flat beds.

For the busy professionals who only get to catch movies during flights, all cabins come with the latest inflight entertainment, on wider screens. There are over 230 TV programmes, 70 films and more than 400 audio and radio selections for passengers’ viewing pleasure.

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Customised and prompt customer service

British Airways customers will also enjoy a new level of customer service in the air as senior cabin crew are issued with iPads that enable them to tap into customer preferences and previous travel arrangements. This helps them to provide uniquely personalised service for repeat customers.

The iPads update just before take-off and as soon as the plane lands, so that any customer service issues which may have arisen in the air can immediately be followed up by colleagues on the ground.

For a peaceful flight, it is essential to stay hydrated and eat regular, healthy meals to stay energised and to reduce stress levels. In this aspect, British Airways has done extensive work to present the perfect menus to suit all their valued customers.

While flying, passengers can also choose to recline and enjoy the quintessential British cup of tea. British Airways has partnered with Twinings to develop a unique tea blend which is designed to taste the same at altitude as it does on the ground.

Priority for families with children

British Airways knows how frazzled and weary parents can become when flying with children in tow, so British Airways offers extra assistance for families with young children on all long-haul flights, with special child-friendly menus, entertainment packs and more. Also, it books family seats before the check-in opening, so that families sit together when they are flying.

Every year, over 1.5 million children travel with British Airways and the airline is continuing to invest in new products and services to keep its younger customers entertained. For example, Heathrow Terminal 5 features ‘Kidszones’, which include bright new furniture, aviation toys and games from Xbox.

Efficient & luxurious Terminal 5

All British Airways flights from Singapore to or via London now arrive at Terminal 5, the airline’s exclusive state-of-the-art home at London Heathrow. With 96 fast bag drops and self-service kiosks, one can check in and clear security more quickly.

The building’s design lends itself to a forward moving flow of people, leading to fewer delays, better baggage performance and shorter waiting times between flight connections.

Upon departure, customers can indulge at the Elemis spa at the exclusive Galleries Club lounges with treatments including facials, massages and specialist therapies delivered on Intelligent Massage Chairs.

For more information, visit www.ba.com