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Revamped Hotel Jen: Chic, creative & cosy

Hotel Jen Tanglin is ideal for quality me-time, or a staycation, as our travel writer discovers

#146_travel_IMG_0639has been transformed into a comfy spot to lounge and gaze at the view.

Walking through the newly-revamped Hotel Jen Tanglin’s lobby, I was besieged by several temptations.

Upon entering the lobby, I was accosted by the aroma of coffee wafting from the cosy café, while a seductive force pulled me toward the grand buffet. A swing set — with cushions bearing stitched slogans — hung enticingly by a pillar. Trendy bicycles suspended on the wall near the check-in counter also called out to me to investigate. Where do I begin?

“It’s as if a bachelor received a house from his rich parents,” mused my fellow writer and photographer. “So he went wild with decorations to give his friends a good time,” she said.

All these sights and temptations set the precedence for my staycation. I was immediately looking forward to the rest of my ‘holiday’.

As my host from the hotel beckoned to the lift, I reluctantly pulled my gaze away from the colourful lobby of wonders and we headed up.

We arrived at the Club Lounge, where Club Room guests can indulge in mid-afternoon treats and a cocktail hour. It was already enticing enough for me to decide to spend all my time indoors, coddling myself with endless grub amid arresting views of Tanglin.

What’s more, the hotel offers a dabao (takeaway) bag at the Club Lounge, free for Club and Suite Room guests, available 24 hours a day. The all-day dining restaurant, J65, also provides the dabao bag but only for the buffet breakfast.

Creative and Cosy Rooms


Functional design elements and furnishings such as a Smeg fridge, microwave oven and Nespresso machine make life better for guests.

Hotel Jen Tanglin’s rooms are chic and cosy dwelling spaces, having been re-designed with great attention to detail.
From functional design elements to make life more convenient and pleasurable for guests, to furnishings such as a brightly-coloured Smeg fridge and a Nespresso machine, one can tell that a lot of thought and heart has been put into the re-design.

Even the place by the window has been transformed into a wonderful comfy spot to lounge and gaze at the view.
Nonetheless, I was drawn out of this comfortable cocoon once I laid my eyes upon what was bobbing on the inviting cerulean blue pool below. All desire for a free flow of food or to spend my stay lazing in the room flew out the window — the sunny afternoon was perfect for suntanning and lounging on the adorable giant whale float.

Cool and Carefree Living



Life can be perfect, at least for a weekend.

The swimming pool isn’t massive but it had a pleasantly private and “chill” vibe, and the staff was attentive. From the moment I picked a spot in the shade, a staff member appeared with dry towels, chilled water and a warm smile.

I was content to soak in the serenity and somewhat relive my childhood, playing with the colourful floats around the pool. Of course, these were great props to take photos with. You can be sure that some of these went on my social media accounts.

I would’ve loved to continue lazing or playing in the water but my skin was beginning to get baked. Craving a back rub, I headed to Essence Vale Spa, conveniently located near the pool.

If you spend hours on end hunched over a computer, you’d understand the phrase “shoulders hardened into boulders”. The spa massage was the ultimate reprieve. I experienced total relaxation as my masseuse tenderly kneaded the tense knots in my muscles, paying special attention to my stiff back.

Sadly, the 30-minute session ended too soon. I should have opted for a longer one! Oh well, at least I could spend more time relaxing in the hot tub after my massage.

Feast to Your Heart’s Content


Hotel Jen Tanglin’s J65 buffet at the lobby has a smorgasbord of delicious items including fresh lobster, succulent oysters, salmon belly sashimi, popular hawker fare and much more.

For foodies, a pampering session isn’t complete without a feast. Hotel Jen Tanglin’s J65 buffet dinner at the lobby is so popular with the public that — I was surprised — as a guest I had to wait a while for my table.

But that wasn’t a problem as I headed to Rumpoles Bar, where I indulged in happy hour one-for-one drinks and free flow of the fried chicken wings that it’s renowned for. Believe me, it took all my willpower not to fill up on those crispy wings. I still had my buffet awaiting me downstairs.

For its seafood dinner, the J65 buffet throws in indulgences such as fresh lobster, succulent oysters and sweet slices of salmon belly sashimi, which I prioritised over the hawker fare such as chicken rice and Penang laksa.

Moreover, I was glad that I had brought my second stomach for dessert.

The matcha ice cream was a fragrant treat, which I covered with several dollops of chopped almonds and chocolate crunch toppings. I also couldn’t resist the colourful Nonya kueh, which was spot-on with its not-too-sweet coconut taste.

By the end of dinner I was stuffed silly, and highly satisfied.

Perfect for a Weekend Couch Potato

Personally, I think the hotel could have more entertainment options, such as karaoke and games. Nonetheless, I was impressed that the rooms offer premium channels like HBO and National Geographic.

I was too full to work off some of my dinner in the in-house gym just yet, so my day ended with a cup of freshly-cut fruit from the mini-bar and watching television as I cosied up in bed.

For a weekend staycation, Hotel Jen Tanglin offered an enjoyable and relaxing time. It also presents many a photo op to preserve the memories of your stay.

By Pamela Chow

Photos: Samantha Francis

Hotel Jen Tanglin, 1A Cuscaden Rd, Singapore 249716, Tel: 6738 2222

Weekender would like to thank Hotel Jen Tanglin for hosting us.