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You Can Now Speed Across Cambodia On Its First Passenger Train

For the first time in forever, you can zip through Cambodia on a passenger train

By Pamela Chow

(Photo: linkedin.com)

Backpackers will no longer have to brave Cambodia’s notorious street traffic to enjoy the beautiful country.

The country has just opened its first passenger railway line in 14 years. Managed by The Royal Railway, it will run from seaside resort town Sihanoukville to gambling boomtown Poipet, passing by capital Phnom Penh.

(Photo: royal-railway.com)

The 270km journey will reportedly take a total of eight hours, and costs US$6 ($8.20) each way. That’s about the same as taking the bus in Cambodia, sans madcap traffic.

The Royal Railway currently operates one train each on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Find out more information about the Royal Railway here.